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Good to know before you make your booking.

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Keyless. ​


Gibsons Hotell is a keyless hotel. In connection with your access time, you will receive a link to your personal code card via email. The code card contains the code for your room, the hotel entrance on the street level and the inner entrance on the third floor. The code card is only active during your booked stay. Check-in and check-out are therefore automatic. Please note that the code for the hotel's street level entrance as well as the interior entrance on the third floor is automatically changed on your code card at midnight each day.


Share your codes. ​


If you want to share your code card with your roommate, copy the link to your code card and send it as an SMS, it does not work to share your code via a screenshot. ​


Unmanned after breakfast.


The hotel is unmanned after breakfast. For questions, error reports etc. contact us on tel: +46 31220507 alt mail In the event of an emergency after 4 p.m., call +46 31532244.

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